Notes on Apple Vision Pro

June 7, 2023


I was impressed when Apple unvailed their new Vision Pro mixed reality headset thingy. The hardware is absolutely amazing! But I was still left with dissappointment. Apple did the basic window user interface. Come on guys! That’s old technology.

I wanna see some Tony Stark wacky stuff happenin.


Let’s not bring legacy computing to a new platform. They are going about the user experience completely wrong. This new mixed reality interface shouldn’t consist of more screens. Technology should assist in our daily lives not replace it. I wanted to see a 3D interface that integrates subtlety with the real world, rather than adding more screens that take away from that. It was always going to be overdone in the beginning. I’m hoping that in the future people realize that more of a minimalistic approach would be better.

I’m also concerned that companies, including Apple, that release these mixed reality headsets will be able to control your reality. Everything you see and hear can be altered and controlled by these companies.

Imagine you are thinking about purchasing a new vehicle. The headset tracks everything you look at and your conversations. After gathering this data, the headset becomes aware that you are looking for this new vehicle. Now you are driving. Driving and you start to see this new vehicle more. You think to yourself, maybe it’s cause you didn’t notice them before. The money is spent. You bought this new vehicle. Unaware that your headset was modifying your environment, replacing different vehicles with this new vehicle. People continue to believe that their thoughts are their own. Advertising companies and mixed reality headset corporations continue to control consumer behavior and actions.

This scares me. Please don’t let this happen. Let’s keep this a dystopian fiction.